Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Artist Of The Week

                 Kayla Small

Age: 16
Years of Photography: 3
Home town: Matthews North Carolina


When did you first start?

Kayla: Hah, I started when my grandpa gave me his old Sony camera. I would always take pictures with anything I could. I think he saw my passion and wanted to support me. I never let go of that camera, and my interest for capturing images grew stronger. So I guess you could say I started when my grandpa saw the talent I didn't know I had.
Deep right. Hah let me know if theyre too long. I babble.

Me: no thats actually alot better of an answer than I was expecting

Kayla: Haha okay well good
I kind of love answering questions

Me: Who doesn't.
What inspires your work?

Kayla: When it comes down to it, God inspires it. I know my ideas don't come from myself. I just don't have that ability;  I know they come from Him. The things I see throughout the day somehow find their way into forming themselves into a photograph, and I know this odd characteristic comes from God.

Me: What would you say is the difference between an artist and a hobbyist?

Kayla:Hmm. I think when you're an hobbyist, it's something you like do to. Although when you're an artist, it's something you need to do. It's a part of you, not something you do to pass time.

Me: What typically catches your eye when looking for a photo?

Kayla: I try and look for the odd things. Something someone wouldn't normally stop and take a picture of. I think sometimes people wonder what in the world I'm taking a picture of, and the thought of that makes me smile. I don't want to take un-original pictures. I look for the weird, everyday simple things.

Me: What would be some of your advise for younger photographers?

Kayla: Stop thinking about what others may think of your work, but use your photo's to express what you want to show.

Me: Have you ever used a darkroom / film?

Kayla: I took a Photography class and we used dark room exposures with our own unique set up. It was extremely awesome. I really want to have my own dark room in my house one day.

Me: What has Photography shown you about life?

Kayla: Everything is worth capturing.

Artist Statement : "My passion for Photography doesn't come from myself. This desire comes from Christ Jesus. He's gracefully given my the eyes to see and the ability to create. My main hope is to make the viewer ponder and try to understand what exactly the particular picture is trying to say. Sometimes they're screaming, but sometimes they choose to be silent."

"One thing I've learned with photography is that it doesn't have to be edited or transformed to be beautiful. When you capture the image, capture the truth."


the chair is lonely. That was my first thought as I was passing it. And then I saw how the light managed to find it's way toward the chair, almost as if it wanted to give it company. I compared this with the loneliness in so many people today. They tell themselves that they're lonely and worthless; when they're really eye catching and original. The light reminds me of how God sees our worth and shines on us no matter how alone we may feel.

Check out her website at:

Song Of The Day

Jude Moses - Oak Tree

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Aid Kit Album Review 2012

First Aid kit is an independent folk band from Sweden. The dou of sisters; johanna and klara have produced many albums in the past 5 years, such as Universal Soldier/ It Hurts Me Too, Hard Believer, Songs Of Warships, Ghost Town, Drunken Trees, Big Black & The Blue, and The Lion's Roar.  Their most recent album entitled The Lion's Roar shows an interesting change of pace for the singer song writer sisters. This album compared to the others is significantly more "clean."Only the sound has really changed the lyrics are still just as straight forward as the albums prior to The Lion's Roar. Listening to the bands discography is almost like growing up with them with songs of relationship trials such as Waltz For Richard from the album Big Black & The Blue you almost get to live their folly youth with them. And with songs like Tangerine with a sound that made you feel like you were on their back porch hanging out The First Aid Kit gives you a sense of belonging. Specifically in the album The Lion's Roar has almost an orchestral sound that lifts you up and fills the stomach of your soul.


A highschool poster my Father designed

Monday, November 19, 2012

Space goddess

A friend of mine was doing a series of cerebral levitation photos
so I thought I would capture an essence of her beauty
and the beauty in her personal art aswell
that photo series is still one of my personal favourites 

Photo credit goes to Rachel Zullo


This is a watercolor I did for one of my best friends.
It was her birthday and I wanted to paint something special for her.
She used to be a ballerina herself so I thought I would paint
a ballerina that resembled her to me. She loves pink, I also 
added these flairs because they represent her glowing persona.