Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Aid Kit Album Review 2012

First Aid kit is an independent folk band from Sweden. The dou of sisters; johanna and klara have produced many albums in the past 5 years, such as Universal Soldier/ It Hurts Me Too, Hard Believer, Songs Of Warships, Ghost Town, Drunken Trees, Big Black & The Blue, and The Lion's Roar.  Their most recent album entitled The Lion's Roar shows an interesting change of pace for the singer song writer sisters. This album compared to the others is significantly more "clean."Only the sound has really changed the lyrics are still just as straight forward as the albums prior to The Lion's Roar. Listening to the bands discography is almost like growing up with them with songs of relationship trials such as Waltz For Richard from the album Big Black & The Blue you almost get to live their folly youth with them. And with songs like Tangerine with a sound that made you feel like you were on their back porch hanging out The First Aid Kit gives you a sense of belonging. Specifically in the album The Lion's Roar has almost an orchestral sound that lifts you up and fills the stomach of your soul.

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