Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Song Of The Day Announcement

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Artist Of The Week

Vivian Maier
February 1, 1926 - April 21, 2009

 Born in the Bronx of New York and raised in France, Vivian Maier spent her youth in Europe till the war was over. She returned to America in 1951. Often called "Mary Poppins" she nannied three young Gensburg boys. She was not famous in her day, and did not have many friends that we are aware of. Never the less she left over 100,000 undeveloped 

These are some of her cameras

  These are some of her works                   

Vivian Maier did what many, many, many, photographers fail to accomplish. She captured life and stories. Vivian Maier froze time with her camera.

For more information visit the official website

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Announcement: Artist Of The Week


 Tomorrow I will publish the first artist of the week

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Song Of The Day

Bob Dylan - Man Of Constant Sorrow (cover)


Sea Wolf A Review Of Their New Album

     Old World Romance - Sea Wolf
      Rating: 4.5 of 5 

 Alex Brown Church; the strong jawed lead singer of Sea Wolf, formerly of Irving in 1998; he and his merry band of friends Lisa Fendeiander, Joyce Lee, Nathan Anderson, Joey Ficken, and Theodore Liscinski, have released a new album called Old World Romance. With all the reverb and story lyrics of former well known Sea Wolf songs such as "You're A Wolf", "Middle Distance Runner" and "Where The Wind Blows", their sound hasn't strayed too far.

     Sea Wolf have upped their game, so to speak, with this new album Old World Romance. Even with more prevelant drumming from Joey Ficken as a refreshing change of pace, great vocals from Alex Church as usual, nice unexpected back up from Nathan Anderson,  I am hoping to see Lisa Fendeiander vocalize soon. The band has great chemistry. Musically they bring variety to their songs. They build layers together nicely and everything fits and works well. Glad to see Joey Ficken has given himself more creative license with his percussion. Track 8 "Dear Fellow Traveler" is a good example of the new more experimental percussion. 

  All in all this a great album. It works really well. The band has come together to make another work of art. All the tracks are worth listening to. No "skippers" on this album so put it on and relax. Highly recommend going out and buying the album.

                                     Track 1: Old Friend

                              Track 8: Dear Fellow Traveler 

   Song Of The Day
You Still Hurt me - William Fitzsimmons

Golden Heart

Age does not dictate 
  A good person
Intelligence does not dictate
  A good heart
Money does not
Circumstances do not
A good person is born 
   Like a star
An explosion of energy and fire
   And much like stars
Many are taken for granted
There is one difference 
Between a man of intelligence
And a simple man
A man of intelligence has no excuse
In being a bad person
Has no place 
In putting anyone to shame
Where a simple man
Only knows the nature of things
He or She was born into 
It cannot be expected of the low minded
To be good
Simply because they are 
But it is expected of those
Who should know better
Those who take from the simple
And use their intellect 
For more sinister purposes
A wise man 
Is burdened 
To lead the unwise 
He or She
Is burdened
To be
A good


Sunday, October 28, 2012

1rst song of the day

October 29th song of the day:

Lakes of canada by innocents mission

Song of the day

There will be a song of the day. I will try as often as I can to attach a video with each song.


Futile Devices


 Do you ever find yourself crying?
 and you don't know why.
 I do,
I cry over what might have been.
I cry over words that makes sense at the time,
only to be later looked upon as "not that impressive."
I cry at how the world's grown so cold.
 I cry for the old that never fulfilled their dreams.
 I cry for people I'll never meet.
I find it hard to believe anyone could ever be happy.
I find it hard to believe that I could ever be happy.
After the things I've done,
 people I've hurt.
Its hard to believe that my happiness could ever be constituted
as deserved.
Like a scar that never goes away
 we try to cover it up and hide the truth
the truth that we're all monsters inside.
That none of us really care,
we say what we think others want us to say.
And we do good when its in our best interest to do so.
We hide behind a mask of our own fears.
We seek some truth and a deeper meaning to what happens around us.
 Only to find more questions and less answers.
We all believe that we are worth as much as someone can tell us we are.
Because when we tell ourselves,
its like dancing to no music.
We compare ourselves daily to everyone around us.
We think we are better than so many people.
But we also think the worst of ourselves because its easy
And you,whoever is reading this your words mean just as much as mine.
Just as much as anyone who's ever written.
Just because you didn't say it out loud
doesn't mean you've never felt it.
 That you've never lived it.
The truth is,
 its not you.
Its everyone else who is crazy.

1rst post


 My name is Sam. This is my blog. I find my great urges to write are often quenched by the fact I have no one to write for or anything to write about. So I will share my thoughts on music life and art to anyone who cares.